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Drink Deeply…

"For those who have been around for a while, Steve touches a chord of something I think we all felt in days gone by, but may have not sensed for a long time. For those who are just embarking on your journey in the Kingdom of God, drink deeply and allow the Word of God to refresh your soul. Steve's ability to weave the message with the Word will cause your heart to be drawn to a deeper walk with the Master and with those he brings you into community with."

The manifesto of Love Beyond Love is anything but gray or neutral. It is God’s greatest gift and His highest expectation. Love Beyond Love unveils the honest expectations of God for Christian leaders and the Christian community. It recalls a timeless and unmovable premise – there is a better way to live and love than how we have been living and loving. To align again with uncompromising biblical love may involve starting over. Love Beyond Love offers that restart from a personal, honest, and empathetic perspective.

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Church & School Study

“The chapter “The Gift of Attention” is worth the price of the whole book.  If every pastor, leader, church member, businessman, and especially parent can grasp this, the Church will be transformed.  I have gained a fresh understanding of surrendering to Christ, as I am sure you will.  Isn’t that what we need to see in ourselves and the people we serve?”
-Dr. Greg Linnebach, Dissertation Review Board Chair, Primus University of Theology

Love Beyond Love is filled with perspectives that challenge us all to love like never before… with extremely insightful discussions regarding current social mindsets. The principles and practical applications have great potential to bring health and healing within the Body of Christ, as well as equip believers to more effective outreach to the community at large.

-Gary Hay, Founding Pastor, Hope Church, Springfield, MO

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