Dr. Stephen Isaac Describes the Test of True Christian Community

The real test of a community’s virtue and validity is loving and being loved by people whose “at-risk” circumstances and stances are sometimes uncomfortable and unfamiliar. We must love until it opens our hearts – loving until it changes our minds about who they are and who they can become.

The ministry of love beyond love cannot merely represent just a pastor’s calling. Yes, there is usually a founding or head pastor, who serves and leads accordingly in that role. But God calls all members of the Body into the ministry of building up the community of a Biblical home-place.

The Calling Goes Beyond the Local Church

According to Dr. Stephen Isaac, this calling is not only to the local church, but to the entire living, breathing body of Christ – to all followers passionate to love as Jesus loved – beyond Himself.

 “Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? Any comfort from his love? Any fellowship together in the Spirit? Are your hearts tender and compassionate? 2 Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose. 3 Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. 4 Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. 5 You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.”

Philippians 2:1–5 NLT

Dr. Stephen Isaac’s insightful book, “Love Beyond Love”, tackles the call of Christ to the individual and the Church to love as He loves.  He identifies the difficult truths about loving beyond human capability and outlines a path forward for believers to push outside the boundaries of “church” and personal preference to love the broken, those on the fringes, and the ones we wouldn’t choose to love on our own.

“Love Beyond Love” identifies the impossibility of “virtual church” fulfilling the mandate of Christ to love our neighbor as ourselves and the necessity for believers to be in fellowship, strengthening one another so that as salt and light, the Church can minister in a dark world that needs the light and love of Jesus.  Dr. Isaac’s book is available in digital, paperback, and hardcover, and is a must read for believers passionate about fulfilling Christ’s call to love beyond ourselves.

About Dr. Stephen Isaac

Dr. Steve Isaac’s mission is to spend a lifetime fulfilling his call to serve. After humble beginnings in pastoral ministry, he spent fifteen years pastoring in mega-church ministry. For over six years, he was also the Missionary Man, the host of Radio Hope’s nationally syndicated late night radio program.

We invite you to learn more about Dr. Stephen Isaac and the mission of Love Beyond Love.

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