Bible study on lust, Dr. Stephen Isaac defines nihilism

Dr. Stephen Isaac Describes Polarization in the U.S.

Ours is a racially and politically polarized world with distinct and diverse social/economic cultures and micro- cultures. Beliefs are consistently inconsistent and subject to change with how each moment makes one feel about oneself. Accountability is scarce, and commitment to faith, and the Church has been down-graded to fit any given moment’s convenience and feelings. “The place to stay they say is gray” – neutral and subjective.

Woke Culture is Really Nihilism

According to Dr. Stephen Isaac, “woke” culture is a contradiction.  Our culture is anything but neutral and subjective. We are deeply divided and polarized. In reality, this means one can have an opinion without being invested or accountable to anyone other than oneself, spewing but never allowing for feed-back. The Neo-American culture masks itself (sometimes literally) through identity politics, hate-speech, race-baiting, moral subjectivity, and gender-neutralism. Some would describe this as intellectually and emotionally “woke” to civil, social, moral, and genetic freedoms. In reality, it has little to do with intellectual enlightenment and everything to do with the human appetite for having what we want when we want it, regardless of the cost or consequence to conscience or community.

The global technopoly creates, determines, and virtually feeds the appetite. This behavior is the very definition of nihilism. The Latin word “nihil” means that human values are baseless, that life is meaningless, that absolute knowledge is impossible, and that moral standards do not exist.

Nihilism is the cultural reality and challenge of the present-day Christian Church. How does the Church provide community and home-place for that?

Dr. Stephen Isaac states, “You will not like this answer, but it is true. The Church cannot – only the love of Christ can. His love moves through us out beyond the Church, beyond ourselves and our limits, to love those we believe unlovable. “

Learning to Love Beyond Love

Dr. Stephen Isaac’s book, “Love Beyond Love” articulates the very specific mandate of the Christian faith for followers of Christ.  Regardless of culture, Christians are called to loving beyond our own capabilities, growing into the place where He is first, we are last, and yet with strange certainty we know we are His priority.

Learn more about how to love beyond love.  Order Dr. Stephen Isaac’s insightful book now. 

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