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The world we live in is growing darker. Truth is being exchanged for lies that have a sugar coating. The Grid of Truth – How to Think Biblically in a Deceptive World is an 8-week online Christian discipleship course offered at the Fully Equipped Bible Institute. The course provides practical training for Christians, teaching a biblical process of filtering emotions, thoughts, decisions, and circumstances through the biblical lens of God’s Word. The course is appropriate for believers of any Christian maturity level as a solid foundation for navigating a fallen world in a biblical way.
This online Christian discipleship course will tackle tough topics like anger, unforgiveness, depression, ethical dilemmas, and more – training believers to respond biblically to the myriad of circumstances believers face daily. It is a proven, invaluable Christian discipleship training that has helped hundreds of believers enjoy the freedom that comes from aligning what we think, say, and do with God’s Word, which sets us free!
This course starts 6/14. Register now at
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