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New Online Biblical Courses Starting Soon

Our rapidly darkening world needs every follower of Jesus to be engaged in His work!  If you are a follower of Jesus, you have a calling to serve.  And, servants of Jesus should also be students, always ready to learn and grow! We invite you to strengthen your leadership and ministry capacities by equipping yourself for every good work that God calls you to through high-quality Christian education.  Our courses are all taught by experienced pastors and ministry leaders with master’s or doctoral degrees who are passionate about fully equipping Christian leaders to effectively serve in whatever capacity God should call you to.

Some of our courses are available for college credit now, but while we work on our accreditation, our course costs are at least half of the cost of other academic institutions. We have two great courses starting this month,  Biblical Hermeneutics and Biblical Priorities.  Both courses start the third week of January and can be taken live online via Zoom, or at your own pace through pre-recorded lecture.  You will be blessed to learn with and from other Christian leaders from around the globe.


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Professor: Dr. Dinah Hodgson
Start Date: Tues., Jan. 17, 2023
Schedule: Weekly, 7:00-8:00 pm EST
8-week course

Biblical Priorities – An Exploration Into What Jesus Said Matters Most is an 8-week online Christian discipleship course.  The course focuses first on what it means to love God with our heart, soul, mind and strength.  It includes Scriptural contexts to understand why this commandment is of utmost importance.

The Focus of This Online Bible Course

The second focus is the command to love our neighbor as ourselves.  It includes a deep Scriptural dive into defining one’s neighbor, examination of predispositions that hinder love, and the practical application of loving one’s neighbor.

The course is appropriate for believers of any Christian maturity level, challenging all of us to love more wholeheartedly. Students will gain a more profound understanding of what loving God and loving one’s neighbor meant when the Commandments were written and what they should mean to believers today. The Biblical Priorities online biblical course equips students with practical tools that empower them to grow in right relationship with God and with man.

Biblical Hermeneutics, online biblical course, online Biblical Hermeneutics Bible course

Professor: Dr. Stephen Isaac
Start Date: Weds., Jan. 18, 2023
Schedule: Weekly, 6:30-7:30 pm MST
13-week course
College credit or audit available

The Biblical Hermeneutics course teaches serious students of God’s Word the standardized processes and principles necessary to accurately understand what a scriptural text means and to comprehend what the author’s message—written, oral, or visual—is endeavoring to communicate

The Purpose of This Online Bible Course

The purpose of this online Biblical Hermeneutics course is to inspire the genuine passion and pursuit of rightly interpreting Biblical truth for the sole interest of determining a righteous context for present-day use. Biblical Hermeneutics will greatly assist the experienced Christian leader, teacher and pastor in the conscious pursuit of a more accurate Biblical interpretation and contextual fidelity to the Word of truth.
This online Biblical Hermeneutics course is offered for college credit or for spiritual growth purposes without college credit.

This is an advanced online biblical course with great depth that will certainly impact how you study Scripture.

online Bible programs, online biblical courses, online Bible school

We provide formal biblical education for pastors and Christian leaders serving in difficult and dangerous places.  Many of these selfless leaders do not have the financial means to access formal biblical training, which is viewed as the greatest need of the global church by the World Evangelical Alliance.  Our flexible online learning helps overcome the technological hurdles to high quality online biblical courses that equip our brothers and sisters for every good work. As God leads, please consider investing in fully equipping them for fruitful ministry through an academic scholarship. Just $50 per month funds a scholarship.


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