October 2023 Newsletter

 It's hard to find words that adequately express how God is moving in our midst.  Just this past week during the Spiritual Leadership class, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so very tangible. It's profound, because we are separated by thousands of miles of land and ocean, and yet sensing God's Presence in our midst.  At one point a South African student raised her hands in worship, and another in Zimbabwe confirmed she was hearing from the Holy Spirit.  It is a wonderful confirmation that distance cannot divide, and wherever two or more are gathered, He is in our midst. 

Fully Equipped Bible Institute 09.22 Newsletter

WOW! We couldn't be more blessed by the opportunity to equip pastors and Christian leaders who are serving in difficult and dangerous places. It is truly amazing hearing what God is doing and how He is at work through our faithful brothers and sisters around the globe. This month I want to share a little about their remarkable ministries so that you understand how important it is that we help them be "fully equipped for every good work!"