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Introduction to Homiletics online Bible course for pastors


Professor: Pastor Bill Martin, M. Div.
Online – 10-week Course
Start Date: 8/26/2023, 8:00 am MST

The Introduction to Homiletics online Bible course introduces students to the theology and practice of creating and delivering sermons. Preaching is taught and learned with practical application and interaction between students and the professor.  

The course focuses on biblical integrity in building sermons and views preaching as a high calling, an act of worship, and servanthood within the church community.  It is also a primary means of equipping the Church to embrace and serve with their unique gifts and callings. 


This course is an introduction that lays the foundation for sermon construction and delivery, complimented by practical exercises. Some of our time will be spent in lectures/discussions (me teaching you about preaching). Some of our time will be spent preaching and listening to one another preach. The class will be highly interactive. All students are expected to actively contribute throughout the course and to be open to receiving loving and constructive feedback from the professor and from fellow classmates.


  1. To identify what biblical preaching is.

  2. To discover who you are as a preacher and communicator.

  3. To begin to develop a methodology for biblical preaching.

  4. To learn various approaches of sermon development and performance.

  5. To begin to think about and practice preaching.

  6. To experience the formative power of giving and receiving feedback on sermons.

  7. To begin or continue a life-long journey toward becoming a competent and confident preacher.


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  • The Bible