Meet Dr. Stephen Isaac, ThD.

Dr. Isaac’s mission is to spend a lifetime fulfilling his call to serve. After humble beginnings in pastoral ministry, he spent nearly fifteen years pastoring in mega-church ministry and over six years as the Missionary Man, hosting Radio Hope’s nationally syndicated late night radio program.

In May of 1999, he and a group of friends formed a small community of believers simply known as Reunion.  Over twenty years later, Reunion is now a flourishing community called to love God, teach His truth, and care for one another in fellowship, communion, and prayer.

As the founding pastor for this vibrant faith community, Dr. Isaac continues to learn and pursue his calling as a pastor, author, professor, and mentor. Training and equipping new leaders with a desire and love for knowing foundational truths of God’s Word, a passion for Church history, and the need for sound Biblical hermeneutics and righteous process for interpreting Scripture.

Influencing and connecting to people outside the Church is also a priority of Dr. Isaac’s mission. His involvement has included being ranked 3rd nationally as a power-lifter, seven time Arizona State Champion high school football coach, and NFL/NBA chapel speaker. Over the years these platforms and opportunities have enabled Dr. Isaac to reach beyond the walls of the church community to share and model the message of Christ.

Dr. Isaac’s heart remains faithful to loving and being loved by the disenfranchised and wounded. His deepest passion is to being present and in the moment with those left “out there” on the margins.  These days he views his mission simply as “cura animurim” (care-taking the human soul), desiring above all to be faithful to the message of Jesus, to his family, and to God’s people.

Dr. Stephen Isaac