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Christian Leaders That Need Scholarships

Alex Ssengzoni

Alex was orphaned at nine. He has turned his parents' home into an orphanage. There are 32 children in Alex's care with no external support. Alex's vision includes a Christian school and a center to spread the Gospel to central Uganda, combatting witchcraft.

Pastor Anthonia Samuel

Pastor Anthonia and her husband serve in rural Nigeria. She serves as a pastor, Sunday school teacher, and children's ministry teacher. She also leads the women's ministry and serves in the counseling department.

Pastor Samuel Kinu

Pastor Sam is the senior founding pastor of Shachah International Center. Pastor Sam preaches, teaches, and provides counseling services. He leads mission work in other rural areas and African countries.

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There are so many pastors and Christian leaders serving in difficult and dangerous places around the world.  They can’t afford formal Christian higher education.  We are only limited by funding – please help us serve our courageous brothers and sisters, equipping them for every good work.  Your gift is tax-deductible and will enable us to start enrolling for the next semester.

How Scholarships and Sponsorships Work

01 Student Inquiry

Potential students reach out to us, inquiring about the Christian education we provide and scholarship opportunities.

02 Initial Screening

We provide academic scholarships to Christian leaders serving in difficult and dangerous places who do not have the financial means to obtain Christian higher education to equip them for ministry. If potential students meet these criteria, they are invited to fill out a scholarship application.

03 Scholarship Application

When we receive a scholarship application, it is reviewed by our executive team to determine eligibility.

04 Scholarship Award

When a student is awarded a scholarship, they are matched with a sponsor that generously provides the funds for the student's education. Sponsors can remain anonymous or choose to connect directly with the student they are sponsoring to gain insights on how their contribution is making a difference where their student is serving.

India - The Need is Urgent

The Prime Minister wants to declare India a Hindu nation.  As a result, persecution of Christians is on the rise.  Help us equip over 250 Christian pastors who are waiting for our courses to be translated so they can get started.  Many are serving in very poor, rural areas.  Our first step to serving them is to get the course content, textbooks, and video lessons translated.   We don’t know if doors will close as a result of the current Prime Minister’s goal.  Please prayerfully consider helping us get this done now.  We can start students as soon as we have the first course translated.


250 Pastors Are Waiting
We Need to Translate our courses & Video Lessons
Support This Project to Expand Higher Christian Education

We are an IRS registered 501(c)(3),  non-profit organization, #88-2156997.

You will receive a thank you letter for tax purposes.

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