Spiritual Leadership Online Course


This 10-week online Christian leadership course examines the servant leadership model and equips leaders to apply Jesus’ day-to-day ministry model.  It is a leadership certificate course.


Course: Spiritual Leadership

Professor:  Dr. Victoria Isaac

Texts:  The Bible, Spiritual Leadership – More Than a Skillset by Dr. Victoria Isaac

10-Week Online Leadership Course

The online Christian leadership course equips Christian leaders to embrace Jesus’ servant leadership model and dependence on His Heavenly Father.  It is available for college credit or as a certificate course.

Practical challenges, including family, conflict, and personal limitations, are discussed honestly with strategies to deepen character, spiritual life, and ministry capacities.

Spiritual leadership is not an occupation – it is a calling. God is not looking for charismatic, strong, attractive people – He looks for obedient servants to use. A title does not make a leader.

George Barna states, “The American church is dying due to a lack of strong leadership. In this time of unprecedented opportunity and plentiful resources, the church is losing influence. The primary reason is lack of leadership. Nothing is more important than leadership.”

Churches have adopted a CEO model for pastors to measure success by. Attendance numbers, revenue, and amenities are considered signs of success. Spiritual leaders follow God regardless of popularity or pressure. A spiritual leader’s responsibility is to move people into a deeper relationship with God, not to fulfill earthly expectations. The Israelites clamored for a strong worldly leader. God gave them one, and the results were disastrous.

This online Christian leadership course effectively trains new leaders and revives veteran leaders.  It will focus on your leadership vision, birth excitement for service, embrace Jesus’ model for leadership, and apply His model to day-to-day life and ministry.


  • To equip Christian leaders with the biblical principles of godly leadership.
  • To expose Christian leaders to the practical boundaries that protect ministry integrity.
  • To encourage Christian leaders to protect and nourish their spiritual and physical life and the lives of their families.
  • To equip Christian leaders with the biblical tools and practical steps necessary to make decisions that align with God’s plans and purposes.


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