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    Wow!  The Holy Spirit is moving globally, from Asbury, KY to Nigeria, India, Africa and beyond.  There is a powerful drawing of God’s people to prayer, embracing the full authority of God’s Word, and answering the call to be and make disciples of Christ.  Globally, 50,000 people are coming to Christ every day!  Countries like Nigeria, India, and China, where persecution is extreme, are also experiencing the fastest growth of the Christian faith.  In some areas, a new church is planted every day! The need for more pastors is urgent. 

     This explosive growth is beyond miraculous, but creates an urgent need. According to the World Evangelical Alliance Secretary-General Thomas Shirrmacher,  “The biggest crisis facing the evangelical, global church today is the growing lack of biblical literacy worldwide.”  It’s why we say that there is urgent need for our online Bible programs.
    Do believers who don’t live in these locations have a biblical response to this global movement of God? 
In Acts 13, and in Paul’s epistles, there is a strong biblical model for sending Christian leaders to teach biblical doctrines and raise up church leadership. The same is true today – the Church is global and so is the mission.  The answer to whether we should have a biblical response to this outpouring of God’s Spirit is yes!  There is an urgent need to equip and train pastors serving in difficult and dangerous places.   We can (and should) be involved in meeting their need so their fruit can be multiplied.  Watch Pastors Sam and Anthonia’s videos to see how being equipped helps them minister in Nigeria.

Pastors Sam and Anthonia participate in online Bible programs

Is God is speaking to you about using your gifts and talents to strengthen the global Church?  I hope so!  Equipping Christian leaders for every good work while serving in difficult and dangerous places – through our online Bible programs that provide strong biblical education and practical application is crucial to strengthening the Church globally.
     We invite you to join us – use the gifts and talents God has given you. Are you called to teach? Get equipped to do so – we have new courses starting in March!  Are you blessed financially? Please be as generous as you can. Together as the Church, we will strengthen and equip courageous, faithful Christian leaders with strong biblical education and practical training to strengthen them as they biblically disciple the miraculous influx of new believers God is adding to His Church daily.  And, remember to keep our precious brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe in prayer for protection, provision, and God’s power to move through them mightily.

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We provide formal biblical education for pastors and Christian leaders serving in difficult and dangerous places.  Many of these selfless leaders do not have the financial means to access formal biblical training, which is viewed as the greatest need of the global church by the World Evangelical Alliance.  As God leads, please consider investing in fully equipping them for fruitful ministry through an academic scholarship that enables access to our online Bible programs. Just $75 per month funds a scholarship.  Every dollar counts, and no gift is too small.  The Fully Equipped Bible Institute is an IRS registered 501(c)3, and we will provide you with a thank you letter that can be used for tax purposes.






Shout Outs

“ As a Christian I have studied God’s word for 25 years. After taking Dr. Isaac’s Biblical Hermeneutics course my eyes were opened to just how much I was missing. For the first time in my life, I was able to understand the word of God as He intended it for me. Every Christian interested in knowing God’s will with a deeper understanding of His word should take this course. I highly recommend it!.”
Gary Buckingham
Gary Buckingham
I have taken the Biblical Worldview course with Professor Isaac several times. Each time I take the course, I am challenged to continue to align my thoughts and actions with God’s Word.
Brian Vales
Brian Vales
Pastor Merryman is one of the most gifted teachers of God’s Word that I have ever had the privilege of learning from. His deep understanding of God’s Word is paired with a down-to-earth style and emphasis on practical application.
Wendy Capirci
Wendy Capirci
Professor Isaac is a passionate and inspirational teacher of Scriptures. I have taken several classes under her leadership. She provides insight and clarity for every passage. Her lessons are engaging and she asks provocative questions to challenge her students and stimulate their thinking. Professor Isaac seeks to make the Scriptures applicable in our everyday life.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
“The curriculum is challenging, and the faculty amazing. It is helps me grow in my relationship and walk with Christ. Biblical training is also equipping me to align my decision making with God’s Word and His plans for the people we serve.
For anyone looking to grow in their Christian journey, better equip themselves to serve, and even earn credits and university level degrees, I highly recommend the Fully Equipped Bible Institute.”
Paul Paich
Paul PaichBroker
I am blessed by the Fully
Equipped Bible Institute.
Be part of this of this institute!
Anthonia Kinu
Anthonia KinuPastor, Nigeria

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