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Our Ministry Programs

Every follower of Christ is called to fulfill the Great Commission.  We are to be disciples of Jesus that make disciples.  Our online ministry programs equip believers around the world with the strong biblical foundations and practical tools to answer the call, equipped for every good work.

The Fully Equipped Bible Institute professors have backgrounds as pastors, missionaries, business owners, and CEO’s of non-profits.  They have the ministry and business experience to effectively equip students for their leadership roles.

Christian leadership course

Christian Leadership Program

Are you called to serve in ministry? The Christian Leadership program will equip you to serve in a variety of ministry capacities by providing strong biblical foundations plus practical leadership training that equips you to serve.  Practical training includes ethics, effective communication, organization, management, team building, conflict resolution, budgeting, marketing, and more.

This program is available as a four-year or two-year certificate program.  Get further details and program costs.

biblical training, administrative aspects of Christian leadership

Pastoral & Christian Ministry Program

The Pastoral and Christian Ministry Program equips pastors and ministry leaders with solid biblical foundations, practical ministry training, and the business/leadership skills necessary to lead the organizations they serve.  This program includes core biblical courses such as Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics, Pastoral Theology, Apologetics, Biblical Homiletics, and Church History.  It also includes core pastoral ministry courses such as Counseling, Discipleship and Mentoring, and Fundamentals of Trauma Ministry.  Leadership and practical administration courses such as Essentials of Administrative and Organizational Leadership, Effective Communication, and Biblical Stewardship of Finances are also included.

This program is available as a four-year or two-year certificate program.

Biblical & Theological Studies Program

 The Biblical and Theological Studies Program equips students with solid biblical knowledge and theological understanding.  Students are trained to view current events, circumstances, relationships, and personal life through a biblical lens and then transmit this deep understanding to the people you serve.

Courses include Biblical Hermeneutics, Systematic and Biblical Theology, Introduction to New Testament Greek, Introduction to Old Testament Hebrew and Aramaic, as well as deep studies into various books of the Bible.

This program is available as a four-year or two-year certificate program.

Meet the Professors

Dr. Stephen Isaac’s mission is described as “cura animurim” (care-taking of the human soul). He desires above all to be faithful to the real message of Jesus, to his family, and to God’s people. Dr. Isaac has spent over four decades in ministry as a pastor, nationally syndicated radio host, and football coach. He is the Senior Pastor of a community church he founded over twenty years ago.

Dr. Stephen Isaac

Senior Pastor and Professor

Dr. Victoria is passionate about Christian education and discipleship training. She develops and teaches Bible training courses at the college and local church levels. She spent fifteen years teaching through the Bible providing a foundation for equipping Christian leaders with strong biblical and practical discipleship training tools.

Dr. Victoria Isaac


Pastor Steve Merryman has been faithfully serving the Church for over two decades. He has served as Executive Pastor, Associate Pastor, Business Administrator, and Christian Education Director. As a Christian educator, Pastor Merryman writes and teaches Christian leadership and discipleship courses.

Steve Merryman, MAOM

Pastor and Professor

Pastor Hodgson has been serving in Christian ministry for over three decades. She is called to empower leaders as a professor, coach, international speaker, author, and spiritual mentor. As a passionate follower of Jesus, she has served in impoverished countries around the world alongside her husband, Dr. John Hodgson.

Dr. Dinah Hodgson

Pastor and Professor

Jeff Shook has a rich background in Christian ministry. His administrative gifting is paired with a deep love for God's Word and His people. Jeff makes a difference everywhere he serves, from CEO of a center for addiction recovery, to board member of numerous Christian organizations and churches.

Jeff Shook, MBA


Kris Jensen is a true gem for all students who are fortunate enough to learn from her. She began her Christian service as a missionary, then transitioned to a translator for Wycliffe Bible Translators. Kris now serves as a spiritual director for missionaries and Christian leaders around the world.

Kris Jensen, M.Div.


Pastor Bill Martin Jr. holds a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in New Testament & Homiletics. Pastor Bill has been pastoring since 1983 with a great love for God's Word and its' accurately communication through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Bill Martin, M.Div

Senior Pastor & Professor

Dr. Hodgson is a Dartmouth graduate and brilliant cardiologist who has made remarkable contributions to the field of cardiology. More importantly, he is a servant leader, sharing his wisdom and insights on the mission field, in the local church, and on numerous boards of Christian ministries. He is a gifted educator with a passion for serving the Body of Christ.

John Hodgson, MD

Cardiologist and Professor

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