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Students from around the world are taking our online Christian leadership courses. However, 95% of pastors globally have never received any formal biblical education to equip them for ministry.  The barriers to biblical education are finances and technology. 

As the world grows darker, we sense the urgency to equip faithful pastors and Christian leaders who are serving in difficult and dangerous places.  When pastors are “fully equipped for every good work”, they have the sound theological doctrine and practical ministry skills to strengthen believers that need biblical teaching and training.  As pastors are strengthened, the Church globally will be stronger.

50,000 new believers are coming to faith every day.  New pastors and Christian leaders are urgently needed to disciple the new believers, helping them to grow into strong Christians.

The Fully Equipped Bible Institute is highly focused on meeting this urgent need.  We are biblically equipping Christian pastors, leaders,  and serious followers of Jesus to obediently fulfill the call of Christ on their lives.  We currently offer three programs – Christian Leadership, Pastoral and Christian Ministry, and Biblical and Theological Studies. These high quality programs can effectively equip pastors, ministry leaders, and marketplace leaders through program specific courses and our online Christian leadership courses that tackle challenging topics including Ethical Challenges for Christian Leaders, Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution, and Biblical Resource Stewardship.

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Mission Statement


The Fully Equipped Bible Institute’s mission is to biblically “equip for every good work” through challenging online Christian leadership courses, Biblical training and literacy, and practical ministry courses.

Our vision is to remove the obstacles of geography, finance, and technology so that believers have the access to Bible training that empowers them to effectively fulfill their calling to go into the world to make disciples.


Dr. Stephen Isaac’s mission is “cura animurim” (care-taking of the human soul). He desires to be faithful to the real message of Jesus, his family, and to God’s people. Dr. Isaac has spent over four decades in ministry as a pastor, national radio host, and football coach. He is the founding pastor of the Reunion Church.

Dr. Stephen Isaac

Provost, Senior Pastor, Professor, Author, & Speaker

Dr. Isaac is passionate about Christian education and discipleship training including fifteen years teaching through the Bible chapter by chapter, verse by verse, creating a foundation for equipping developing strong, deep biblical and practical discipleship training tools.

Dr. Victoria Isaac

President & CEO, Professor, Author, & Speaker

Pastor Brad Baker is a veteran of 44 years of ministry. He holds a BA Degree in Biblical Studies and has had the privilege to serve with some of the great leaders in the evangelical world. Brad is a nationally renowned communicator, focusing on leadership, youth and family relationships.

Pastor Brad Baker


Jeff Shook has a rich background in Christian ministry. His administrative gifting is paired with a deep love for God's Word and His people. Jeff makes a difference everywhere he serves, from CEO of a center for addiction recovery, to board member of numerous Christian organizations and churches.

Jeff Shook, MBA


Dr. Hodgson is an ordained pastor, professor, author, and speaker. She has been serving in ministry in various capacities including missions, women's, leadership, discipleship, and freedom ministries.

Dr. Dinah Hodgson

Pastor, Professor, Author, & Speaker

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