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The Fully Equipped Bible Institute is dedicated to providing high quality online Bible programs leading to bachelor’s or associate degrees for pastors and Christian leaders around the world.

We equip our students with the biblical foundations and practical ministry tools they need to be “equipped for every good work”, whether in the pulpit, church, ministry, or marketplace. 

Our high-quality online Bible programs and classes are affordable, and the opportunity to learn with Christian leaders around the globe profound.





The Pastoral and Christian Ministry Program equips pastors and ministry leaders with solid biblical foundations, practical ministry training, and the business/leadership skills necessary to lead the organizations they serve. This program offers associates or bachelor's degree options that include core biblical courses and practical administration courses.


The Christian Leadership program provides strong biblical foundations plus practical leadership training that equips Christian leaders to serve in the ministry or the marketplace. Practical training includes ethics, communication, organization, management, team building, conflict resolution, budgeting, marketing, and more. This program offers associates or bachelor's degree options.


The Biblical and Theological Studies Program equips students with solid biblical knowledge and theological understanding. Students are trained to view current events, circumstances, relationships, and personal life through a biblical lens and then transmit this deep understanding to the people you serve. This program offers associates or bachelor's degree options.

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Ready to grow in your faith
and deepen your understanding of God’s Word?

Registration is open for the Spring 2024 semester. Our online Bible programs and courses will equip you to dig deeper in Scripture and accurately apply God’s Word to your life.  Whether you care called to the pulpit, the church, a ministry, or the marketplace, one of our programs will help you be fully equipped for Kingdom service.

If you are not ready to commit to a program, we invite you to register for one of the online leadership training or Bible courses to make sure that the Fully Equipped Bible Institute is right for you.


Fully Equipped Bible Institute
Online Christian Program

Dr. Victoria Isaac

Fully Equipped Bible Institute Jan. 2024 Enrollment

The fall semester at our online Bible school has come to a close. ALL of our students have confirmed they are better equipped for Kingdom service as a result of the solid biblical teaching and practical application training they are receiving through the Fully Equipped Bible Institute.

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online Bible college, Christian leadership program
Dr. Victoria Isaac

Online Bible College – Christian Leadership Program

The Fully Equipped Bible Institute is an affordable online Bible college that offers a high-quality Christian Leadership program.  Our students are from around the globe, and are blessed by the profound learning experience that global interaction creates.  Our classes are more than academic classrooms, they are places where the presence of the Holy Spirit dwells, as we invite Him to be the ultimate Teacher through the power of God’s Word.  Many students tell us that this bachelor’s degree program is truly life changing and immediately applicable to the lives, ministries, and workplaces where they serve.

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online Christian college programs, Bible college, online Bible college
Dr. Victoria Isaac


JANUARY 2024 REGISTRATION IS OPEN    Registration is open now for our Spring 2024 semester. We are offering three Bachelor of Arts programs – Christian Leadership,

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Dr. Victoria Isaac

October 2023 Newsletter

 It’s hard to find words that adequately express how God is moving in our midst.  Just this past week during the Spiritual Leadership class, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so very tangible. It’s profound, because we are separated by thousands of miles of land and ocean, and yet sensing God’s Presence in our midst.  At one point a South African student raised her hands in worship, and another in Zimbabwe confirmed she was hearing from the Holy Spirit.  It is a wonderful confirmation that distance cannot divide, and wherever two or more are gathered, He is in our midst. 

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church leadership development curriculum, setting Biblical priorities
Dr. Victoria Isaac

Church Leadership Development Curriculum and Training Opportunities

The church leadership development curriculum and online training opportunities available through the Fully Equipped Bible Institute are genuinely impacting Christian leaders who desire to be more fully equipped for Kingdom service.  Cindy Weese, a music minister, has decades of experience serving in ministry.  She shares about the profound experience of learning together with other Christian leaders around the globe.

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Spiritual Leadership class
Dr. Victoria Isaac

Christian Leadership Class Live Now

Jesus led for three years, and the world was changed forever. He did not develop one-year, five-year, or ten-year plans. He did not cast His own vision. He sought His Father’s will, and His vision came from His Father’s plans.

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