95% of Pastors Around the Globe
Have No Formal Biblical Education

50,000 new believers are coming to faith every day around the world. Who will pastor them?  Our vision is to remove the obstacles of geography, finance, and technology so that believers have the access to Bible training that empowers them to effectively fulfill their calling to pastor and lead in a challenging world.

The Fully Equipped Bible Institute’s mission is to biblically “equip for every good work” through providing challenging pastoral and leadership programs, plus discipleship training curriculum, Biblical literacy training, and practical ministry courses.

We are highly focused on biblically equipping Christian pastors, leaders, universities, and serious followers of Jesus to obediently fulfill the call of Christ on their lives.


The Fully Equipped Bible Institute has been over two decades in the making. The vision was birthed in missions trips to Africa by Dr. Stephen Isaac and his wife Victoria. Dr. Isaac and Victoria were teaching at a leadership conference for pastors and profoundly impacted by the hunger for God’s Word and need for resources to learn from.

Shoeless pastors walked for miles in the winter rain  to attend the conference, only to walk back home and return again the next morning in the same conditions. After each teaching session we were approached with flash drives, asking if our content could be downloaded to their drives so they could use them at their churches.

It was a stark contrast to Christian conferences in other parts of the world with robust sales from tables loaded down with Bible training books and discipleship training curriculum DVD’s.

From that pivotal experience, the vision for the Fully Equipped Bible Institute was born – to remove obstacles and provide access to pastors, churches, and believers around the globe who desire to be fully equipped for every good work.

Dr. Stephen Isaac

Founder Spotlight:
Dr. Stephen Isaac

Dr. Stephen Isaac’s mission is to spend a lifetime fulfilling his call to serve. After humble beginnings in pastoral ministry, he spent nearly fifteen years pastoring in mega-church ministry and over six years as the Missionary Man, hosting Radio Hope’s nationally syndicated late night radio program.

In May of 1999, he and a group of friends formed a small community of believers simply known as Reunion Church.  Over twenty years later, Reunion is now a flourishing community called to love God, teach His truth, and to care for one another in fellowship, communion, and prayer.

Dr. Isaac continues to learn and pursue his calling – shepherding, writing, teaching, mentoring, and serving through relational ministry. He provides discipleship training for Christian leaders and higher education Bible training for pastors and ministry leaders.  Dr. Isaac has published “Love Beyond Love, A Christian Community’s Manifesto to Loving Beyond Itself”.  It unveils the honest expectations of God for Christian leaders and the Christian community to align with biblical love, serving beyond our human capacities and prejudices to be Jesus to a hurting world.  It is available for purchase HERE.

His heart remains faithful to loving and being loved by the disenfranchised, wounded, and to walking with those left “out there” on the margins.  His deepest passion is reading and writing, and these days he views his mission simply as “cura animurim” (care-taking the human soul), desiring above all to be faithful to the real message of Jesus, to his family, and to God’s people.

Dr. Victoria Isaac

Founder Spotlight:
Dr. Victoria Isaac

Dr. Victoria Isaac is called to Christian education and is passionate about Christian discipleship training.  She develops and teaches Bible training courses at the college level and at her local church.

Her background in missions has deeply impacted her mindset for equipping the Church to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the “least of these”.  From serving the homeless in inner cities, advocating for orphans, and ministering in Africa, her heart is drawn to the downtrodden and broken.

Dr. Victoria loves God’s Word deeply.  She has spent the last fifteen years teaching through the Bible from Genesis through Revelation in a chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse format.  She draws on this deep study of Scripture as a foundation for equipping Christian leaders with strong biblical foundations and practical discipleship training tools.

Dr. Victoria has published “The Grid of Truth, How to Think Biblically in a Deceptive World.”  She developed the Biblical Worldview course curriculum and teaches it at conferences, ministries, churches, and at the Fully Equipped Bible Institute.  It is available for purchase HERE.

Her newly released book, “Love Made Possible – How to Do What is Most Important” is the basis for the Biblical Priorities course at the Fully Equipped Bible Institute.  It is available on Amazon HERE.  For more information on the Biblical Priorities course, go HERE.

Dr. Victoria considers herself immensely blessed as a wife, mother, and grandmother.  Her family is a source of deep joy and great inspiration.


Dr. Stephen Isaac’s mission is described as “cura animurim” (care-taking of the human soul). He desires above all to be faithful to the real message of Jesus, to his family, and to God’s people. Dr. Isaac has spent over four decades in ministry as a pastor, nationally syndicated radio host, and football coach. He is the Senior Pastor of a community church he founded over twenty years ago.

Dr. Stephen Isaac

Provost, Senior Pastor, Professor, Author, & Speaker

Victoria is passionate about Christian education and discipleship training. She develops and teaches Bible training courses at the college level and her local church. She spent fifteen years teaching from Genesis through Revelation in a chapter by chapter, verse by verse format. This deep study of Scripture as a foundation for equipping Christian leaders with strong biblical foundations and practical discipleship training tools.

Dr. Victoria Isaac

President & CEO, Professor, Author, & Speaker

Pastor Brad Baker is a veteran of 44 years of ministry. He holds a BA Degree in Biblical Studies and has had the privilege to serve with some of the great leaders in the evangelical world. Brad is a nationally renowned communicator, focusing on leadership, youth and family relationships.

Pastor Brad Baker


Jeff Shook has a rich background in Christian ministry. His administrative gifting is paired with a deep love for God's Word and His people. Jeff makes a difference everywhere he serves, from CEO of a center for addiction recovery, to board member of numerous Christian organizations and churches.

Jeff Shook, MBA


Dr. Hodgson is an ordained pastor, professor, author, and speaker. She has been serving in ministry in various capacities including missions, women's, leadership, discipleship, and freedom ministries.

Dr. Dinah Hodgson

Pastor, Professor, Author, & Speaker