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Biblical Hermeneutics, online biblical course, online Biblical Hermeneutics Bible course

The Biblical Hermeneutics online Bible course is available for college credit or as a personal growth Bible class.  It is a 13-week class with weekly live, online instruction and pre-recorded lectures.

Pastors, Christian teachers, and all serious Bible students should be equipped with the biblical hermeneutics process to understand God’s Word in its original contexts prior to applying it to modern-day life.

Biblical Hermeneutics Course Introduction

Critical Considerations for Biblical Hermeneutics is a graduate-level class intended for discovering, developing, and practicing a standardized and reliable process for interpreting the author’s intended meaning for Scripture. The class will feature some of the following unmovable and unchangeable principles.

  • The revealed Word of God is the final arbiter of all truth, and contextualization of necessity must recognize the sacred inviolability of its truths. 
  • An inductive, inerrantist approach to contextualization accepts the paradoxical nature of all biblical truth and, thereby, the unchanging nature of scriptural principles. 
  • An evangelical contextualization of Scripture is conscious of the transformational character of the current hearer’s context. God’s Word transforms lives; therefore, every effort must be given to interpreting rightly, righteously, and presenting in the same way.
  • While the content of biblical revelation is unchanging, the form in which it is presented is ever-changing. These two aspects—content and form—provide the indispensable core of contextualization.
  • As a student of God’s written Word, one is equipping oneself to teach, preach, and present the living Word of God in a knowledgeable and approved way so that one might not be ashamed, discredited, or discarded. 

The hope is that Critical Considerations for Biblical Hermeneutics is a significant step in equipping and understanding the interpretive processes of Scripture. It is an honor to help navigate this small segment of the journey.

Biblical Hermeneutics Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will: 
•      Gain a comfortable and consistent hermeneutical process used for learning, retention, and communicating Biblical principles with a high degree of confidence and humility – both are necessary.
•      Discover the possibilities that exist when the Word of God comes to life not only through the experience of spiritual revelation but through the contexts of historical, cultural, and author’s inspiration and intent. 
•      Experience comprehension and application for literal and figurative interpretations while being exposed to the significance of systematic research as it applies to a more correct and comprehensive understanding.
•      Become familiar and efficient with Biblical interpretive factors such as time, culture, geography, and language.
•      Learn the importance of hermeneutics as the rightful guide in moving from context, to text, to context, to allow the God-inspired meaning of the Word to speak today with as fresh and dynamic a relevance as it had in its original setting.
•      Develop consistency in the introductory use of exegesis and its synonymous relationship with the Biblical hermeneutics process of contextualization, placement, bridging, and relevant usage.
•      To influence expansion and confidence in the student’s cognitive process for interpreting, receiving, and communicating Biblical principles, theological standards, and Scriptural apologetics.
•      To connect and convert the need for skillful interpretation of Scripture to the moral, ethical, and emotional dilemmas of our day. Proclaiming a rightly divided and interpreted truth to the cultural crisis of faith within the Church. Restore trust and respect to the calling of a pastor, teacher, preacher, and Christian leader.
•      Finally, to encourage the development of hermeneutical psychomotor skills into a productive and enlightening relationship with seeking the wisdom of God and the revelation of His Spirit in comprehending and communicating the Bible’s profound truth.

Purchase Biblical Hermeneutics – Critical Considerations course book HERE.

Download the Biblical Hermeneutics course syllabus HERE.

About the Professor: Dr.  Stephen Isaac is a senior pastor with over three decades of church ministry. He is the author of Love Beyond Love – The Christian Community’s Manifesto to Loving Beyond Itself.  It is available as a digital download or on Amazon.

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