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In a world where we are bombarded with disturbing, depressing news, we are so grateful that the Good News of our Savior is unchanging!  God’s Word is living and active – transforming lives around the globe through courageous servants who faithfully deliver the Good News in difficult and dangerous places.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit using courageous men and women of faith, over 50,000 people around the globe accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior every day.  This is Good News! With such amazing growth, we need 1,000 new pastors a day to train and disciple new believers in the faith.  But, an incredible 95% of pastors globally have never received any formal Biblical education.  Where will the new pastors get their training? Pastors can’t teach what they do not know.  Pastoral biblical literacy directly impacts the spiritual health of the congregations they lead.  According to Thomas Shirmacher, Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance,

“Our biggest problem is that Bible knowledge is fading away.  This is the utmost problem we have, beyond all theological differences, financial problems, and political questions.”

     A recent Barna survey found that only 37% of U.S. pastors hold a biblical worldview. This is truly a biblical literacy crisis, and one the Fully Equipped Bible Institute is going to play a key role in solving.  Our upcoming courses are intentionally designed to equip serious followers of Jesus and Christian leaders around the globe with the necessary tools to biblically interpret and correctly apply God’s Word to today’s darkening, deceptive world.     

   Please join us for our upcoming Biblical Worldview and Biblical Hermeneutics courses, enjoy our free deep dive Bible study on the Gospel of John, and engage with us in the most urgent mission of the Church today – biblically equipping our leaders who faithfully, sacrificially serve in difficult and dangerous places around the world.  Just $50 a month provides an educational scholarship for pastors who lack the financial resources to access formal biblical education.  A one time gift of any amount will be put to great use to equip pastors! Every dollar counts, it is tax-deductible, and most importantly, it is a Kingdom investment that will yield great fruit.  May our Lord bless you as you continue to seek, serve, and engage in being light in the darkness.

Serving together,


Dr. Victoria Isaac, President
The Fully Equipped Bible Institute


Professor: Pastor Steve Merryman, MAOM
Start Date: Weds. Nov. 2, 2022
Schedule: Weekly, 6:30-7:30 pm MST
9-week course

Biblical Worldview – How to Think Biblically in a Deceptive World is a 9-week online Christian discipleship course.  The course provides practical training for Christians, teaching a biblical process of filtering emotions, thoughts, decisions, and circumstances through the biblical lens of God’s Word.

The course is appropriate for believers of any Christian maturity level as a solid foundation for biblically navigating a fallen world. The world we live in is very deceptive.  The premise for the class comes from Paul’s writing to the church in Corinth, We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Cor. 10:5  This online Christian discipleship course will tackle tough topics like anger, unforgiveness, depression, ethical dilemmas, and more – training believers to respond biblically to the myriad of circumstances believers face daily.  It is a proven, invaluable Christian discipleship training that has helped hundreds of believers enjoy the freedom that comes from aligning what we think, say, and do with God’s Word, which sets us free!



Professor: Dr. Stephen Isaac
Start Date: Weds., Jan. 11, 2023
Schedule: Weekly, 6:30-7:30 pm MST
13-week course
College credit or audit available

The Biblical Hermeneutics course teaches serious students of God’s Word the standardized processes and principles used to accurately understand what a scriptural text means and to comprehend what the author’s message—written, oral, or visual—is endeavoring to communicate.

The Purpose of This Online Bible Course

The aim of Biblical Hermeneutics is that at all points we must take the Bible as it is—the final form of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts that we possess. The sincere student should desire not only the knowledge of God’s divine truth, but also the meaning and wisdom of it – they are distinctly different. One is spiritually revealed the other rationally concluded, one is divinely apprehended the other scholastically comprehended. Eventually all good Biblical interpretation must be revered as a righteous process. That is the process that we are about to embark upon. I welcome you one and all.




Each month we add new, free Bible study resources to the Fully Equipped Bible Institute website. As we focus on the living, active power of God’s Word, let’s revisit the relevance of John’s Gospel. It is well embraced by Christian believers. Most discipled followers of the faith are familiar with its themes. However, many who can quote the widely identifiable verses from this unique Gospel have a less-than-adequate grasp of the importance of its theology and relevance to our present world. Let’s dig in to the richness of the Gospel of John.

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