February 2023 Newsletter

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Wow! The Holy Spirit is moving globally, from Asbury, KY to Nigeria, India, Africa and beyond. There is a powerful drawing of God's people to prayer, embracing the full authority of God's Word, and answering the call to be and make disciples of Christ. Globally, 50,000 people are coming to Christ every day! Countries like Nigeria, India, and China, where persecution is extreme, are also experiencing the fastest growth of the Christian faith. In some areas, a new church is planted every day! The need for more pastors is urgent.

Online Biblical Courses Starting Soon

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New online biblical courses starting soon. If you are a follower of Jesus, you have a calling to serve.  And, servants of Jesus should also be students, always ready to learn and grow! We invite you to strengthen your leadership and ministry capacities by equipping yourself for every good work that God calls you to through high-quality Christian education.

New Online Biblical Studies Programs

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We have some great news to share! Starting in January 2023, the Fully Equipped Bible Institute is offering three distinct programs for pastors and Christian leaders. The online courses within each program are high quality, taught by pastors and seasoned ministry leaders, all with academic degrees at the masters level or above.

Biblical Worldview Crisis

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What is a biblical worldview, and why is it a crisis that only 37% of U.S. pastors still have one? A person has a biblical worldview when they embrace the position that God's Word is inspired by the Holy Spirit and contains unchangeable Truth.

Fall 1 2022 Christian Leadership Courses

Biblical Leadership Class

This fall we are excited to offer two wonderful Christian leadership courses.  Both courses equip leaders to serve God's people with excellence!  And, if you are unable to join us on the days/times the courses are live online, we are recording so that you can take the course online on your schedule. 

Fully Equipped Bible Institute July 2022 Newsletter

We are laser-focused on equipping believers to be the salt and light in a rapidly decaying, darkening world. As salt and light, we can't remain unengaged or afraid to address controversial issues. As deception grows, are you prepared to provide strong, loving, and deeply biblical responses to difficult topics?

What the Bible Says About Homosexuality?

What the Bible says about homosexuality, Bible study on homosexuality

Gender identity, or gender fluidity, is a hot topic in many modern-day societies. It has people in the workplace, places of worship, schools, and kitchen tables discussing the movement towards gender fluidity. It is a heated topic because it has touched so many lives in some way or another.  Is gender fluidity the same as homosexuality?  If so,  what does the Bible say about homosexuality?

The Grid of Truth Online Bible Class

online Bible class, The Grid of Truth - How to Think Biblically in a Deceptive World

The Grid of Truth – How to Think Biblically in a Deceptive World is an 8-week online Christian discipleship course.  The course provides practical training for Christians, teaching a biblical process of filtering emotions, thoughts, decisions, and circumstances through the biblical lens of God’s Word. 

The Grid of Truth

Christian discipleship course

The world we live in is growing darker. Truth is being exchanged for lies that have a sugar coating. The Grid of Truth – How to Think Biblically in a Deceptive World is an 8-week online Christian discipleship course offered at the Fully Equipped Bible Institute. The course provides practical training for Christians, teaching a …